Crua One Modular Tent System

Generally speaking, you have two options when camping with a big group. You either all bring your own tents and shiver in the dark around a campfire to hang out, or you pile into one giant, stuffy tent. At the very least, those were your options before the Crua One Tent System came along.

This system boasts one giant tent in the center, aptly named ‘Core’, and then two different types of tents that can connect to that main one. The Cocoon, like the Core, features an air-frame rather than an aluminum pole. This means you can assemble it in just minutes with a hand pump. In addition to this structural feature the Cocoon also has insulated sides that trap heat and keep it inside. A third tent, the Duo, employs a simpler aluminum pole for assembly. All three of these can be connected or disconnected as easily as zipping open a port and zipping it back together. The concept as a whole isn’t necessarily a new one – the fact that it is combined with Crua’s insulation take makes it all the more interesting and versatile.

Kickstarter: $150+