CROZ DIY Digital Camera

Cardboard analogue cameras are fun not only because they help illustrate how the process of photography works, but they force those using them to think less about all the extraneous things, and more about the basics. The CROZ DIY Digital Camera accomplishes much of the same thing with its bare necessities build.

This brilliant little shooter boasts nothing more than an acrylic case and a simple circuit board. Operation is as easy as it gets. All users have to do to take a photo is to flip the on/off switch and the small interchangeable wide-angle or fish-eye lens will capture an image. Those images are then stored on an external SD card that can easily be plugged into your Mac or PC for uploading. No matter the skill level – shooting with this camera is sure to yield interesting results due to the fact that there is no digital preview and the only viewfinder is a little rectangle cut into the circuit board. You can get your hands on one for $140. [Purchase]