CrossHelmet X1 Smart HUD Motorcycle Helmet

As technology progresses, we’re seeing more and more space-age safety features enter the world of motorcycle riding. One of the most promising, however, is high-tech high-visibility helmets. Most, however, are still a bit clunky. But that’s why we love the CrossHelmet X1 – it offers excellent tech-driven features in a package we’d be proud to sport.

Thanks to a built-in rear-facing camera and an innovative heads-up-display that projects right onto the visor in front of you, the X1 offers a full 360 degrees of visibility. Also, included on the HUD you’ll find information on your speed, the time, the helmet’s battery life, and even GPS navigation info. And all of that can be controlled via your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Even better, you can control environmental and in-helmet speaker volume (which helps with the Group Talk function, especially when riding with friends) all from the included app. No word yet on price, but the CrossHelmet X1 is expected to be available sometime in 2018 – though it will also hit Kickstarter on September 13th.

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