Crosman Pioneer Airbow

The idea for the Airbow came initially from Benjamin’s American-made PCP platform, and is made to give hunters, target shooters, or anyone who just wants a gun that fires arrows the chance to use this hybrid weapon. Meant for the biggest of game and able to fire broadhead, full-length arrows that can be cocked back with two fingers, it also includes safety features, such as the ambidextrous top-cocking bolt.

Using 3,000 psi worth of air, the Pioneer can fling arrows out at up to 450 feet per second, which is faster than many of the most competitive hunting crossbows. Since there’s literally no strings attached, the Airbow permits you to more aptly move through forest and jungle to catch your prey, no worries about snagging or catching on the brush. The bow’s air reserve can be refilled either by hand or via charging system. You can scoop yours up for $849. [Purchase]