CRKT XOC Folding Knife

Well known in the everyday carry world for their workhorse folding knives, CRKT has mostly stayed away from offering blades crafted with premium materials — keeping their catalog squarely in the realm of the budget-friendly. And while we admire that about them, we’re also happy to see them branching out with new, more-elite EDC tools, like the Flavio Ikoma-designed XOC.

Boasting an extremely high-end 4.258″ CTS XHP steel blade mated to a woven carbon fiber and grade-5 titanium handle (measuring in at 10.375 inches in overall length), this is the kind of knife EDC fanatics drool over. That’s doubly true when you take into consideration that it is also one of the first knives featuring Ikoma’s unique Deadbolt locking mechanism — which perfectly balances security and ease-of-use. Mate that to its golden-colored accents around the pivot-lock and on the pocket clip and it’s clear that CRKT can produce high-end folders with the best of them. The XOC is priced at $750.

Purchase: $750