CRKT Tecpatl Push Dagger

Michael R. Rodriguez served 21 years in the United States Army and is a retired Green Beret. And that’s not the kind of resume you get if you spent your time behind a desk. No, Mr. Rodriguez has seen some action. His pedigree also makes him an expert on some subjects that so few are experts in, like hand-to-hand combat. So when he came to CRKT with an idea for a combat blade, they listened.

The Tecpatl push dagger is designed to be the knife Mr. Rodriguez wishes he had during his tours of duty. It’s ergonomic layout creates a fluidity between the blade and the user, making this a formidable weapon in the hands of an experienced fighter. And it isn’t just well put together. It’s construction materials are incredibly reliable, as well. The blade is forged from black powder coated SK5 carbon steel and it comes with a MOLLE compatible Kydex sheath. The finishing touch is the laser-engraved sugar skull markings, a tribute to Michael R. Rodriguez’s heritage. This badass combat blade retails for $90. [Purchase]