CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife

Columbia River Knife & Tool is a company that has built their reputation on innovation and, with the introduction of their Homefront Pocket knife with “Field Strip” technology, they have not compromised that reputation at all. Designed by world-renown knife craftsman Ken Onion, the Homefront is designed to be taken apart, cleaned, and reassembled all without the necessity of a work bench or tools, affording the wielder a previously unheard of level of freedom and ease.

The 3.502 inch AUS 8 brushed steel blade, with an HRC rating of 57-58, fits within a 6061 Aluminum handle and is styled to resemble a WWI heirloom. Unlike its inspiration, however, just a few quick steps allow you to completely disassemble the knife entirely by hand, a technology that’s been in development by the brand for over 10 years. And reassembling the Homefront is just as simple as reversing the process. With this innovation, CRKT and the Homefront may have just altered the pocket knife landscape forever. Check out the video below to see this thing in action. [Purchase]

CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife 2

CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife 3

CRKT Homefront Pocket Knife 4