CRKT & Ken Onion Unleash An S35VN & Ti EDC Knife With Field Strip II Tech

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Debuted a few years back, CRKT’s Field Strip technology — which allows for tool-free knife disassembly and maintenance — was a true game-changer. However, CRKT isn’t a brand known for resting on their laurels. As such, they immediately began working on ways to improve it — which they’re now finally ready to unveil in all its glory within the new limited-edition Bona Fide folding knife you see before you.

Designed by Ken Onion, a living legend in the EDC and knifemaking worlds, this 8.19″ folding knife is marked by a high-end S35VN steel blade and a sturdy titanium handle equipped with a reliable liner lock. However, what really sets this one apart is the Field Strip II tech — which is even easier to utilize than its predecessor thanks to a simple one-handed push-button release. It also now includes Flavio Ikoma’s legendary IKBS ball-bearing pivot system for ultra-smooth deployment every single time you open it. Available now for $250, this marks a major step forward in everyday carry knife technology. But you’d better act quickly because only 100 examples of this particular CRKT Bona Fide knife are to be released — though two less-elite versions are also slated for release in the near future.

Purchase: $250