This 433′ Concept Superyacht’s Helipad Turns Into A Pop-Up Glass-Walled Pool

With an impressive compound annual growth rate of 7.8%, the modern superyacht industry is expected to hit a value of $10.2B by 2025. This marked influx of cash has also given way to a slew of increasingly bonkers, outside-the-box superyacht designs, such as the 433’ vessel from North Carolina-based design firm, Designova Creative.

Christened the “Crescere,” — Latin for “To Grow” — the boat’s name is owed to its bevy of plant-adorned living walls that are fed via a proprietary watering system. When not acting as a helipad, the ship’s timber-clad foredeck also conceals glass panels that rise up from the ground to comprise the four sides of a 52’ L x 10’ W lap pool which is then filled with pumped-in saltwater. At the aft end of the ship is a bow modeled after traditional J-class sailboats. Powering the Crescere Superyacht is a hybrid diesel-electric engine that’s helped along by onboard solar panels and biofuel generators and allows for cruising speeds of 35-knots (40mph). Under deck, the ship sports a massive multi-level interior, clad with glass walls and thoroughly modern furniture matching the exterior aesthetic of the yacht. To learn more about the project you can check out the Designova Creative website linked below.

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