Crescent Moon Foam Snowshoes

If you are beginning to feel stuck inside your home or apartment due to the increasingly bad weather and rising snow – this new announcement from Crescent Moon Snowshoes may get you excited. Next year, the company plans to release a pair of all foam snowshoes.

Crescent Moon isn’t some bright eyed newcomer to the snowshoeing world. They’ve been working on improving the overall design of snowshoes for serious adventurers and recreational users alike since 1997. With this release, however, they may have outdone themselves. Made from a dual density EVA foam (the kind you’ll find in most mid-soles), and shaped in an almost rocker shaped platform, these 23 inch long by 8 inch wide shoes are designed to let you run across the top of the snow like it is no big deal. The deep lugged treads in the bottom of the shoe will provide serious traction, while the simple straps make it easy to tie yourself in and just go. These are sure to be popular so keep an eye out for their release Fall of next year when they’re expected to retail for $150. [Purchase]

Crescent Moon Snowshoes All Foam Runner 2

Crescent Moon Snowshoes All Foam Runner 1

Crescent Moon Snowshoes All Foam Runner 3