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Crescent Moon Adopts Sustainability With Biodegradable Snowshoes

Snowshoes have long been an essential piece of gear for those living in regions prone to ample snowfall and powder buildup, though traditionally users have been given one of two options: heavy yet durable and long-lasting metal-framed offerings; and lightweight shoes made from less-than-environmentally-friendly plastics and foams. Reputable snowshoe purveyors, Crescent Moon are now aiming to change that reality via the reintroduction of two of their most popular models, both of which are now being made from a fully biodegradable material called Eco-Plastic foam.

The announcement comes on the heels of the Colorado company being acquired by Dunn-Rite, an Elwood, Indiana-based summer water-recreation products company looking to branch out into winter wares. Launched as part of the Boulder-based brand’s 2020/2021 collection, these green new materials are being applied to Crescent Moon’s award-winning Eva snowshoes and Luna running snowshoes. Certified non-toxic and not requiring the use of any new production equipment, Eco-Plastic foam is comprised of non-edible foods such as corn starch, as well as food waste products. Designed to thrive in temperatures as low as -20 degrees C, Eco-Plastic foam is capable of breaking down and degrading as much as 50% in only four month’s time, with 100% degradation occurring within one year.

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