Creek Kooler Portable Kayak Cooler

Summer just can’t come soon enough, especially when we’re introduced to products like the CreekKooler. It’s a portable cooler that can be pulled behind any self-propelled personal watercraft, like a kayak for instance, and floats atop the surface of the water with ease.

With the help of the CreekKooler, coming prepared to an afternoon barbecue or party by the river, lake, or beach is never an issue. Each cooler hosts a 30-quart capacity (enough to house up to 30 12-ounce cans and 20 pounds of ice) and also features four drink holders on deck. There’s a foamed insulation to keep everything cold all day and a threaded water-tight lid that will prevent any unwanted water from entering the sacred chamber of brews. Reinforced tow points keep it behind you when kayaking at all times and a mini flag holder helps you let your freak flag fly. So go ahead, find that secret beach this summer, bring a cooler full of cold ones, and unwind in style. You deserve it. Available now for $180. [Purchase]