Creator Automated Burger Robot

It took 8 years, but the culinary geniuses at Creator finally engineered the ultimate burger making machine, a glimmering assembly line with a focus on ground beef creations (one might call it ground-breaking, but perhaps one shouldn’t). The San Francisco restaurant/experience aims to Creator the freshest burger ever (#freshestburgerever). According to reviewers, they might have hit the target.

This meat-tastic marvel, this condiment collator, this cuisine contraption originally burgeoned from a burger obsession. The folks at Creator wanted to make the perfect burger, and they wanted to make their creation a repeatable phenomenon. By creating this automated assembly line, they have eliminated the possibility of human error. By seeking out only the freshest ingredients, spices, brioche buns, vegetables and condiments, they ensure each and every product of their Rube Gold-burger machine is constructed to absolute perfection. Only the best GAP 4 rated anti-biotic and hormone free beef makes it on the bun to be customized for the future-devourer’s tastes. With 15 different sauces – from oyster aioli to shiitake mushroom sauce to sunflower seed tahini, 12 seasonings (one more than the Colonel) and a variety of cheeses, each and every burger is crafted with love – plus the cold, calculative precision of a machine. For all that tender love and machinated meticulousness that goes into each burger, they only cost you $6. Better get in line.

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