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This Cutting-Edge Formula One Racing Simulator Replicates Racing G-Forces

Racing simulators have come an enormous way over the last decade, evolving from arcade-style setups to professional-grade sims backed by ultra-realistic graphics and physics. And though the bar was already set tremendously high in this sector, the UK’s Cranfield Simulations has just raised it several times over with its latest Formula One Simulator.

The exact system utilized by professional race car drivers to practice, the rig’s comprised of a replica open-wheel race car monocoque (with the nose and tail lopped off) that sits on a platform outfitted with numerous internal airbags that act as a suspension system. These airbags enable the sim to pitch, roll, and yaw in order to replicate the sensation of G-forces while behind the wheel of an F1 car. Inside, the cockpit is an exact replica of those found inside real F1 racers, with an extreme, laid-back driver’s quarters that boast a cutting-edge carbon fiber, multi-function steering wheel, full F1-style instrumentation setup, and top-shelf pedals from Heusinkveld. A massive trio of curved displays sits in front of the cutting-edge rig, providing an incredibly lifelike and immersive experience. For pricing or more information on the Cranfield Simulations Formula One Simulator, check out the company’s website linked below.

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