Craighill Desk Knife

With a beautiful, minimalist design inspired by the Japanese Kiridashi, Craighill’s Desk Knife is a sleek multipurpose utility blade built to take punishment. Its graceful, simple silhouette allows it to perform a myriad of tasks, making it a quintessential everyday carry knife.

The solid stainless steel knife mimics the feel of a writing utensil and has truncations on the sides, tapering off to reveal a handy blade. Pick one up and it will fit perfectly in your grip, allowing you to use the tool as a letter opener, box cutter, or even a scalpel-style paper cutter. Each Desk Knife is made in the USA with milling done in Wisconsin and finishing touches applied in New York City. The remarkable knife only weighs 4.5 ounces and measures 5.25 inches long, making it a perfect portable companion.

Purchase: $60