Craftsman Smart Riding Mowers

Ever since we were little, we looked forward to the day when we could have our own big backyard. But, a large yard also requires a lot of frequent work, especially when it comes to lawn care. But you can now make yard work a hell of a lot easier thanks to Craftsman’s line of Smart Riding Mowers.

The legendary tool manufacturer has taken everything great about ride-on lawnmowers and imbued it into these new editions – but they’ve also tackled improving upon their biggest issue: maintenance. Whereas a traditional mower requires a bit of guesswork, these smart mowers are app-connected, so you can check all of your mowers stats right from your smartphone. That includes alerting you when you need an oil change, blade replacement, battery charge, and/or air filter swap. It can also warn you of upcoming storms, so you won’t be caught mowing in the rain, and track the stats of your mowing endeavors. There’s even a suite of maintenance tutorials so you can repair your mower on your own, rather than paying a costly fee to have someone else fix it. There are a number of different mower styles and power options, but you’ll have to reach out to the brand for pricing and availability.

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