‘The Devil’s Keep’ Is The Most Expensive First Release In Whiskey History

With monks having learned distillation techniques as early as 500 AD, Ireland is often credited with the invention of whiskey. However, in recent years, Scotland has taken its place atop the hierarchy, offering everything from affordable budget buys to ultra-luxe top-shelf treasures. It’s an affront that’s prompted The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. to debut a whiskey unlike any other.

They’re calling it ‘The Devil’s Keep.’ Aged for 29 years and costing €10,000 ($12,000), it’s not only the oldest triple-distilled whiskey ever; it’s also the most expensive first release in the spirit’s history. Beginning with American white oak bourbon barrels, it was then transferred to French oak casks that had once housed a Tawny Port, before being finished off in virgin Hungarian oak. What results is a whiskey that’s deliciously smooth and complex, with flavors of vanilla, caramel, wild honey, and toasted sugar. But that’s not all — each bottle of The Devil’s Keep will come in two custom cases secured by a Japenese-style lock. Furthermore, the whiskey will include a carafe of Irish spring water, as well as an angel’s share atomizer, a jar of barley from the same malting house, two bespoke glasses, and some obsidian whiskey stones. Only 333 bottles will be available.

Purchase: $12,000