Cold Ferment The Perfect Beer At Home With This Compact Device

In spite of the wide availability of home brewing systems and kits, folks who like to craft their own beer in the comfort of their own abode are still limited by the unavailability of technologies that are commonplace in commercial brewing. Perhaps the most glaring absence comes in the form of temperature control tech. The folks at Craft A Brew, however, have closed that gap with a new compact device they’re calling The Stasis.

For those who don’t already know, accurate temperature control is of the utmost importance when brewing certain types of beers — especially summer-friendly lagers, which sometimes require near-freezing temperatures for proper fermentation. That used to make them extremely difficult to make well at home. But The Stasis changes all that by paring propylene glycol (a food-grade antifreeze) chilling into a desktop size and format. Utilizing a glycol & water mixture for immersion fermentation, The Stasis is smaller, more efficient, more precise, and less expensive than just about any alternative method on the market. This device stands to alter the home brewing landscape forever and for the better. And it can be yours if you back the Kickstarter today, starting at $599.

Kickstarter: $599+