CRAB Armored Vehicle by Panhard Defense

Military vehicles have to walk this line of being both big and fast, strong and nimble, lethal and safe. When a piece of equipment fails – it fails because it isn’t capable enough in one of those categories – the CRAB by Panhard Defense isn’t one of those vehicles.

Occupants of this vehicle are shielded by armor thick enough to protect from IEDs and machine gun fire while the large windshield and accompanying cameras provide for a 360 degree view around the entire truck. Not only can the three-person crew keep their head on a swivel while in the vehicle, they can also turn on a dime. Both rear and front axles can rotate independently enabling the CRAB to make a u-turn in a 10 yard diameter, or in crazy situations, lateral moves (hence the name). As if that all wasn’t enough – in stealthy situations the driver can switch off the engine and run move quietly through the night via battery power.