C.P. Company’s GORE-TEX Infinium Capsule Is Inspired by the Royal Navy

We can go on and on about how vital C.P. Company is to garment engineering, serving as a blueprint to countless European brands seeking to match its technical know-how. In efforts to refrain from enlightening you on the brand’s entire history, we’ll keep things simple: this Italian label is about as innovative as it gets. Proving that consistently through its annual GORE-TEX Infinium collections, the brand’s latest set for a stormy spring is finally here.

Featuring a handful of additions, the latest batch of waterproof garments garners inspiration from coats and smocks worn by the Royal Navy through the 1950s and ’60s, which C.P. described as “totally waterproof but impossible to wear.” Starting with the GORE-TEX 3L INFINIUM Mixed Jacket, which is available in black or yellow, it boasts a storm flap and adjustable hood, whereas the GORE-TEX 3L INFINIUM Mixed “La 500 Miglia” Jacket features many of the same characteristics, but is rounded out with C.P. Company’s unmistakable Goggle Hood and Watch Viewer Lens embellishment.

Each of these new top-tier outerwear pieces is composed of lightweight 3-layer composition made up of nylon, polyamide, a polyurethanic resin-crafted coating, as well as a GORE-TEX membrane, of course. In addition to that, the 3L jackets have undergone C.P. Company’s unique Component Dying process, implementing it before the jacket’s full-on construction, giving it a great, almost one-of-a-kind look.

Pieces in the new GORE-TEX INFINIUM collection range in price between £975 to £995 (~$1,070 and $1,296 after conversion), and are now available through C.P. Company’s website.

Purchase: $1,070+