Coway’s Latest Purifier Covers 649 Sq Ft & Doubles As a Wireless Charger

Whether you suffer from springtime allergies or have a difficult time catching your breath in the heat of the summer, air purifiers are arguably as beneficial as any appliance you can add to your living space. However, it’s difficult to find one that both looks decent and also covers a large area. Now, Coway looks to solve that conundrum with its Airmega Icon, an air purifier that looks like a beautiful piece of furniture and can filtrate the average-sized studio apartment.

The Airmega Icon uses the South Korean manufacturer’s proprietary HyperCaptive air filtration tech to capture, trap, and deactivate over 99.9% of unhealthy particles. The high-end purifier boasts four distinct filters, including the unique Green True HEPA Filter, which can inactivate dust mites, mold, and more within 24 hours. In addition to this, its activated carbon filter uses deodorization to remove any lingering stenches, as well as nitrous dioxide.

Coway’s latest purifier has also garnered appreciation for its sleek design language, which is rounded out with a water-and-stain-resistant fabric cover. For added functionality, its top plate doubles as a Qi-enabled wireless charging station while also incorporating ambient lighting and seamlessly integrated touch controls. The appliance even features a user-friendly Smart Mode, automatically adjusting its fan speed based on the room’s air quality. With a whopping 649 square feet of coverage, the 22.3″-tall Airmega Icon can tackle an immense amount of space, leaving your home feeling as breathable as ever.

If your home could use some freshening up, then this handsome air purifier is the way to go. Coway’s Airmega Icon is available on its site now for $649 — that’s a dollar per square foot purified!

Purchase: $649

Photo: Coway