Council Tool Double Bit Saddle Axe

If you are at all serious about your outdoor adventures, you already know that an axe is one of the absolute most important tools you can bring with you on a camping trip. What you should also know, however, is that not just any axe will do. Ideally, you’d want to bring something that can work for both heavy duty chopping tasks and smaller-scale shaving and carving. Something like Council Tool Company’s Double Bit¬†Saddle Axe.

Named for the fact that this axe-style was traditionally carried on horseback, this small American made camping hatchet is a trekker’s best friend. A big part of that is because it features a drop forged 5160 steel head with dual blades of different sizes to serve a variety of different functions. The larger of the two – a 32-degree flat grind – is great for splitting wood, whereas the opposite – measuring up at 25-degrees – is better suited for more detail-oriented tasks. The durable and versatile head is connected to a beautiful hickory handle. And each axe comes with a fine leather double bit blade cover. Pick one up for $147. [Purchase]