Cotopaxi Sueno Sleeping Bag

When it comes to essentials for camping, sleeping bags are right up there with a good pair of boots and a solid water bottle. It is hard to think of a good backpacking or camping trip without them, and given that they’re such an investment, it can be difficult to get one for just one season. For those who want one bag that’ll work year round, the Sueño bag from Cotopaxi is an ideal pick.

Featuring 800 fill duck down covered in a 20D nylon with a water resistant DWR, this bag is rated to 15 degrees making it ideal for milder winters along with spring and fall camping. For those who want to pack out in the summer, the bag also features three ventilating zippers along the sides and bottom of the pack that make it easy to keep cool on warmer nights on the trail. In addition to these features, the bag has a media pocket for your phones or journal, and a pillow pocket for stuffing in extra clothing for a little support on your head. The weight on this thing isn’t bad either. Coming in at just 2 pounds and 13 ounces and packing into a stuff-sack, it is easy to bring along with you even on the longer trips. Finally, while this isn’t the most technical of specs, the bag also looks really good. That’s worth something, too, right? Prices start at $350. [Purchase]

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