Corsair’s Nightsword Is The Most Customizable Gaming Mouse Ever

If you prefer to spend your free time in the virtual world, it’s likely that you’ve run across your fair share of gaming mice. Whether you’re traversing the forests of your favorite massively multiplayer online (MMO) game or honing your accuracy in a competitive first-person shooter (FPS), a tailor-made mouse is an investment that you shouldn’t take lightly — and now, Corsair has proposed an evolutionary change to the peripheral.

Corsair’s Nightsword gaming mouse comes with a slew of the same attributes as its competitors — ten programmable buttons for easy mapping, an 18,000DPI PixArt optical sensor that’s scalable in single DPI steps for exceptional tracking, and an adaptable silhouette that houses a bevy of weights for robust balance and feel. But what makes the Nightsword different from its brethren is the implementation of the company’s proprietary tracking software, which detects the peripheral’s center of gravity in real time and gives you recommendations on how to adapt its layout to fit your needs. With over 120 different combinations of weight and balance, this ergonomic mouse is sure to up-the-ante when it comes to online dominance. The Nightsword is available now for $80.

Purchase: $80