Coros Linx Smart Helmet

Sep 12, 2016

Category: Tech

Ask pretty much any cyclist if they think it’s a good idea to ride with headphones in, and they’ll all likely tell you it isn’t. Ask them if they ride with them anyway? You’ll probably get a different response. The Coros Linx Smart Helmet looks to make it easier and more fun to ditch the earbuds.

While this helmet looks like any common bike helmet, it actually packs a huge amount of tech. Most notable is the bone conduction speakers integrated right into the helmet making it so you can listen to music, make calls, and take directions from your phone all while still keeping an ear out for oncoming traffic. For additional functions, like talking with people in your riding group, and getting feedback on your ride via the Coros app, you can simply tap the ride remote that fits snugly on any set of handlebars. When this hits the market it is expected to retail for an even $200. [Purchase]






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