Copper Canyon Restaurant in Mexico

Mar 2, 2016

Category: Living

Look out below! Mexican architecture firm Tall Arquitectos just released some renderings of Bire Bitori, the stomach turning (no we’re not talking about the food) cliff side restaurant and cocktail lounge. The concept embeds the establishment within the rock face of the heart-stopping landscape high above Mexico’s Copper Canyon, quite literally altering the “atmosphere” of the dining experience.

If that wasn’t enough, the rendering proposes including a glass bottom to the dining room floor. While not for the faint of heart, the cantilevered restaurant would provide world class panoramic views of the canyon surrounding the building and the famous Basaseachic Falls. No telling when this architectural feat will come to fruition, though when it does, better believe we’ll be there sipping on a couple mile-high manhattans.

Cantilevered Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant 3

Cantilevered Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant 4

Cantilevered Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant 6

Cantilevered Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant 5

Cantilevered Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant 2

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