Coolnvintage Will Build The Bespoke Land Rover Defender Of Your Dreams

Since the company’s inception in 2012, Coolnvintage has carved out a prestigious reputation for crafting ultra-exacting Land Rover builds, pouring no less than 1,000 hours of labor into each project that leaves the Libson shop. And while we’ve previously covered numerous builds from the Portuguese custom auto outfit, each example was already spoken for. For the first time in Coolnvintage’s nearly decade-long history, it’s now offering fully-bespoke built-to-order Land Rover Defenders to anyone via its website.

Each project starts with a complete frame-off restoration to beyond factory spec, followed by rebuilds and overhauls of the engines, gearboxes, and transmissions — plus the addition of upgraded brakes and new suspensions. On top of selecting the generation and donor Defender, the buyer can choose whether they want their build with a roll cage, built as a hardtop or soft-top, and optioned with a passenger or pickup bed rear end. Coolnvintage also offers an enormous variety of trim and upholstery options, an equally massive array of gloss or matte paints, and even the option to have the frame custom-painted with patterns or artwork for a little extra flavor. To place an order for your own custom Coolnvintage-built Defender, you can visit the shop’s website linked below.

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