Cooler Master Takes Gaming Immersion To New Heights With Its Cockpit-Style ORB X

The global video game market has grown at an unprecedented rate in recent years, eclipsing Hollywood movies and bringing in well over $150B annually. In addition to developers and publishers churning out games, the ample amount of money and resources pouring into the industry has also given rise to an increasingly elaborate and high-end array of hardware and peripherals. And while we’ve seen quite a few impressive gaming rigs, few have caught our attention quite like Cooler Master’s new ORB X.

Looking like a Razer-branded take on the Ovalia Egg Chair, the ORB X was designed and engineered to allow for the most immersive gaming experience possible with an enclosed cockpit-style setup. This is accomplished through the use of a trio of mounts that can accommodate displays of up to 27” (or a single 49” unit) and 2.1 surround sound speakers embedded into the chair that deliver a wildly accurate soundstage. Other highlights on the ORB X include a hidden compartment with a sliding trey for housing consoles or PC rigs, a six-way-adjustable ergonomic chair with full lumbar support and a headrest, and customizable RGB lighting inside and out. To learn more about the ORB X, you can check out Cooler Master’s website linked below.

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