Cool Socks Bruh: Custom Pop Culture Nike Basketball Socks

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Style

These days, the Nike Elite Crew Dri-Fit basketball socks are the only things we slip on when hit the court. The socks are not only the most comfortable pair we’ve ever played basketball in, but they also keep your feet dry through several pick-up games. The only problem is what if you want a pair customized with your favorite pop culture icon? Or even your favorite chips of all time? That’s exactly where Cool Socks comes into play.

While there are a ton of color options through Nike, the team at CoolSocks have decided to create their own custom socks that use the Elite Crew as the base. There are a ton of fresh pairs available from the Notorious B.I.G. and Nino Brown offerings all the way to the Gucci Mane waterfall and Arizona Green Tea pairs. One of our favorite pairs have to be the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos socks. This particular pair has been designed to look just like the bag of our favorite snack food, and the detail is pretty impressive. You can pick this pair up, along with a handful of others directly from the CoolSocks online store – which is located at We had to include the URL, because these guys are killing it with the concept.

CoolSocks 1

CoolSocks 2

CoolSocks 3

CoolSocks 4

CoolSocks 5

CoolSocks 6

CoolSocks 7

CoolSocks 8

CoolSocks 9

CoolSocks 10

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