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Cooksy’s Smart AI Cooking Assistant Will Make You A Master Home Chef

By and large, there’s really no such thing as someone who “can’t cook.” Cooking is just following basic instructions, and if you’re physically and mentally capable of doing that, then there’s nothing stopping you from being a good cook. But we get it, cooking can be intimidating, and it is certainly possible to screw up your meal if you don’t have someone to help you along. But now you can get that guidance you’ve always wanted in digital form with Cooksy, the world’s first intelligent cooking assistant.

Cooksy is a first-of-its-kind device; an AI-equipped gadget that clips above your stove to lend a helping hand while you’re cooking. Cooksy utilizes video, thermal imaging, and app integration to observe whatever you’ve got cooking on the stove, offering real-time advice to ensure that your meal comes out perfectly. The device can sense when new ingredients are added to your pan, keep track of pan and food temperatures, and can even show you a live stream of your stove when you can’t watch it in person. And when used in conjunction with the Cooksy app, the device will guide you through video recipes with step-by-step instructions while tracking every step you take. Cooksy could be a gamechanger for all of you “bad cooks” out there, and it’s raising funds on Indiegogo now.

Indiegogo: $389+