Converse Steps Into The Future With A Suite Of Innovative Sneaker Materials

Footwear design is ever-changing. It progresses to mirror the needs of its wearer, fit into the purview of the current market, and promote the mental, and emotional growth of its creator. As such, stagnation might be seen as a natural enemy of the medium — something that Converse’s newly-announced CX Series seeks to address.

The brand’s sleek new sneaker collection is a threnody to the state of modern footwear, begging the question: where do we go from here? Enter CX, a reimagination of the company’s most iconic silhouettes, and a gateway into the future of Converse’s unique design philosophy. Within, consumers will find the innovative implementation of a newly-developed CX stretch canvas, a single-density PU and Phylon midsole for improved impact mitigation, and an exaggerated, flexible outsole that seeks to promote the endless pursuit of futuristic expression. The collection will consist of revised takes on Converse’s All-Star, Chuck Taylor, and Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers, adopting the “Disrupt CX” moniker and serving as transitory pieces for the company’s impending models. Head to the brand’s website to learn more.

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