Converse Chuck Taylor Punk Tribute

Converse gets rebellious with the release of their CT AS 70 Creep. A tribute to the early days of punk, the Creep blends the iconic Chuck Taylor shoe with the brothel creeper, known for its thick crepe sole. Chuck Taylor shoes were well known throughout the days of punk, partially made famous by iconic bands like The Ramones. Also, their no-frills design and comfort placed them within the puck scene as an essential “show shoe.”

As a tribute to the days of punk the thick creeper sole, Chuck Taylor high top, and slip-on Deckstar silhouette combine to complement the leather uppers and animal print accents on the tongue, lining and toe cap. They’re as comfortable as ever and still maintain their high-performance mobility, even though you won’t have to worry about getting chased down by the school jocks anymore. Available now for $130.

Converse Chuck Taylor Punk Tribute 2

Converse Chuck Taylor Punk Tribute 3