Converse Japan Upgrades The Chuck Taylor Hi-Top For Urban Winters

Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star is undeniably one of the most iconic sneakers ever made and will likely continue to be a style staple for generations to come. But since it’s fairly minimalist with a construction primarily made of simple canvas, it’s not exactly great for 4-season wear. Converse Japan decided to change that by modifying, winterizing it, and giving it a new name: the Jogger Hi.

Inspired by and likely intended to be worn with jogger pants, these unique high tops do away with traditional lacing in favor of a gaiter-style upper with a Velcro shroud and snap closure on the elastic collar. We can’t confirm if there are any treatments or insulation built-in, but the laceless construction and layered fabrics definitely make these a bit more resistant to inclement weather and more comfortable on colder days. Available in OD green and all-black, these modified iconic sneakers are retailing on Converse Japan’s site for $76 a pair.

Purchase: $76