Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Hiker

At this point, Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star feels more like a canvas than an actual sneaker. The shoe has been re-imagined so many times it is genuinely hard to keep track. The newest version of the shoe, the All Star 1970s Hiker, deviates slightly from this trend with a more old-school look.

Yet while this sneaker may look like it belongs in the 1970s, it features modern materials and technology for fighting back winter weather. The upper on the shoe is made from a combination waterproof canvas and leather to beat back rain and snow while the fleece lining keeps wearers warm. And, the sneakers boast a grippy, vulcanized rubber outsole that’ll keep wearers vertical under any conditions. You can pick these up Olive, Navy and Black.

Purchase: $101