Sennheiser & Continental Created A ‘Speakerless’ Hi-Fi Car Stereo

While car stereos have evolved quite a bit over the years, especially in regards to incorporating new amenities like wireless connectivity and more, they still hinge on a pretty traditional piece of tech: speakers. However, the folks at Continental have joined forces with the audiophiles at Sennheiser to truly revolutionize how vehicular sound systems function.

Technically still in its conceptual stages, this impressive bit of tech doesn’t have a name, but it was exhibited during this year’s CES — meaning there’s enough potential here that the two companies want to show it off, which is promising. And that makes what it does all the more impressive. You see, this system combines patented AMBEO 3D audio technology from Sennheiser with Continental’s Ac2ated sound system to create completely “speakerless” audio. You can think of it kind of like bone-conducting headphones or how stringed instruments use their bodies as resonation chambers, in that the technology utilizes select specially-crafted surfaces around the interior of the car and vibrates them to produce “breathtaking 3D sound reproduction” that’s simply impossible to manage with traditional speakers. It also helps cut down on weight by up to 90% when compared to traditional speaker systems, making it perfectly suited to modern vehicles and sensibilities. It remains to be seen where the two brands take this technology from here.

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