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Continental Created An Advanced 3D Dash Display For The Genesis GV80

Technological advancements of any kind, even in the automotive industry, don’t necessarily have to be game-changing or alter the way we drive in enormous ways. Sometimes, they can just be quality-of-life improvements for their own sake. And that seems to be the case with Continental’s latest venture: a partnership with Genesis on a 3D dash display.

Set to debut in the upcoming Genesis GV80 luxury SUV, the system hinges on two parts. First, there’s the display itself — a glasses-free 3D display that utilizes the concept of the parallax effect to give a visual impression of depth, made possible by projecting two images (one for each eye) of slightly differing offset perspectives. That’s paired with an onboard camera that detects the driver’s line of sight to precisely adjust the image to suit. And while the three-dimensional gauges and images are a bit mesmerizing, the system also has built-in fail-safes to keep your eyes on the road. While this advancement is already impressive (albeit somewhat unnecessary), Continental is already working on the next generation — which should do away with the camera and will even be able to display 3D movies.

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