Continental Unveils A Recycled Content Tire Concept With A Replaceable Tread

Photos: Continental

Unveiled this week at IAA, Continental has just rolled out an all-new proto-tire known as the Conti GreenConcept that offers better performance, less weight and rolling resistance, and is markedly more sustainable than traditional tires.

Starting with its construction, the Conti GreenConcept is crafted from using raw materials that are derived from at least 50% renewably sourced or recycled content — part of the tire company’s efforts to shift to all sustainable raw materials by 2050. Another 35% of the concept tire is also made from renewable bio-materials including silicate derived from the ash of rice husks, and vegetable oils and resins, and natural rubber that’s made from dandelions. Up to 40% lighter and offering 25% less rolling resistance than today’s standard tire, the Conti GreenConcept tread compound consists of 100% Taraxagum natural rubber and can be replaced several times over, thereby massively extending the tire’s service life. The tire’s casing is also comprised of polyester from recycled plastic bottles, which is reportedly an industry first. Continental aims to start bestowing some of its production offerings with these innovations and materials over the next few years.

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Photo: Continental