Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

Jan 12, 2015

Category: Tech

The bicycle thief is surely one of the more rat-like creatures in the criminal universe; dirty, opportunistic, and sans morals. So we’re always happy to spotlight new ways to thwart such subhuman behavior, and if your bike gets swiped, Connected Cycle’s Smart Pedal promises to lead you right to their lair.

This smart pedal uses its built-in GPS and the cloud to alert you on your smartphone when your bicycle is moved and then directs you to exactly where it went. The pedal is easily installed, but it’s nearly impossible to take off, with a only a special key doing the trick. But even if no one ever tries to jack your Schwinn, the pedal also tracks your speed, route, incline, and calories burned on each trip. It uses its own internet connection and generates its own energy too. [Purchase]

Connected Cycle Smart Pedal 2

Connected Cycle Smart Pedal 3

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