Condor Village Parang Machete

The Condor Village Parang might look like a normal machete if you looked at it only briefly, but the tool is different in some pretty important ways. The Village, like other parang machetes, gets most of its power from its weight. Weighing in at a little under two pounds, this knife is built specifically to cut through thick brush.

The nub on the walnut handle provides more leverage and grip so you can really hack at whatever is in your way without wearing out your forearm and wrist. The 5mm thick blade is made out of 1075 high carbon steel, and measures in at just about a foot long for a decent amount of reach. The leather dark brown sheath comes with two snap down straps and a belt loop for easy access while moving through dense trails. For just north of $50, this is a great tool to have on hand for trail blazing and cleanup. [Purchase]