The C64 Mini Retro Gaming PC

Nintendo’s two throwback console releases over the last two years – the NES and SNES Classic Editions, respectively – have changed the face of retro gaming in a big way, bringing it to the forefront of everyone’s minds. And their popularity has ushered in a slew of similar releases, the latest of which being this: the C64 Mini retro gaming PC.

Based on the most popular single model of home computer ever released, the Commodore 64, this new version comes jam-packed with 64 preloaded classic games – including titles such as California Games, Chip’s Challenge, Hawkeye, Netherworld, and more – but in a package that is only 50% the size of the original. Even better, this one comes with dual USB ports (to connect other peripherals or to use it as a fully-functional keyboard), an HDMI output, and a classic gaming joystick. If your tech nostalgia reaches as far back as 1982, theres no better way to quench it than with the C64 Mini.

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