This Clever Device Can Turn Regular Cars Into AI-Driven Autonomous Vehicles

With autonomous driving technology becoming more and more commonplace, those without compatible vehicles might feel that they’re at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, the thought of substantial investment into a new platform might leave them with little confidence in their ability to partake in the innovative quality-of-life improvements of modern platforms. Now, Comma’s “Two” — an OpenPilot driving device that gives conventional vehicles their very own autonomous features — seeks to make that the genre more approachable.

Instead of dropping a large sum on something like a Tesla, Audi, BMW, or Mercedes, Comma’s innovative system allows a much larger swathe of the automotive industry’s vehicles to take on autonomous traits. If you happen to own a vehicle on the proprietor’s compatibility list, you’ll be able to connect the system to your car’s existing harness, gifting it with smart braking, acceleration, lane-holding, and steering capabilities. An included camera system helps to notify the vehicle, should the driver become disengaged or distracted from the roadway, removing autonomous features for more intuitive control. And, since the technology is currently “open source,” the company’s developers will be able to improve, optimize, and adapt the OpenPilot device over time, helping it to fall in-line with the genre’s other offerings. Head to Comma’s website to pick up a package of your own for $1,000.

Purchase: $1,000