Column Climbers Skyscraper Boots

With normal small-scale construction projects — like homebuilding — workers can usually get by with normal elevation tools, like a trusty ladder or a forklift. Ironworkers, by contrast, find themselves sometimes having to climb up the bones of skyscrapers to get the job done. And that’s made all the more simple and safe thanks to the Column Climbers.

These easy-to-use devices slip on over any normal work boot, fastened by a secure cut-resistant strap system, to allow for the hands-free ascent of any standard steel column. And since their high-strength footframe is made from 514 alloy steel and it boasts adjustable, military-grade armor plate steel nosing; it can support up to a whopping 700 pounds per foot — making them secure even with a full load of tools. Better still, the design and functionality is not impaired by dirt, mud, grease, water, or even ice — so they can be used safely in literally any conditions. In fact, the leverage is so intense, the brand found that these devices couldn’t be dislodged even with the force of a sledgehammer. To be combined with the brand’s other safety accessories, the Column Climbers start at $314 a pair.

Purchase: $314+