Columbia Survival Tags

It’s obvious when a brand becomes dedicated to their own cause when they take the necessary steps in developing products that provide the maximum amount of utility for their buyers. Columbia is one such company. And while they may not pull at the heartstrings of all outdoor enthusiasts, their most recent venture may be a harbinger of things to come.

We’re talking about their newly branded Survival Tags, where the company is replacing ordinary hanging tags with these one-piece multitools that look to prove quite useful in times of need. Don’t get us wrong, we -Columbia included- don’t advocate for replacing your pocketknife or survival tool with these tags, but it does demonstrate the serious step Columbia is taking to provide quality gear for their demographic. Each tag requires you to punch out the multitool from the metal card to access the tool itself. Different tag options include a sewing tool, sextant, hand saw, purifier, fishing kit, and a sundial. According to the Columbia, testing will take place in Istanbul with worldwide distribution coming soon. Let’s hope so see these tags come to fruition sooner than later.

Columbia Survival Tags 3

Columbia Survival Tags 4

Columbia Survival Tags 5