Columbia Star Wars Empire Crew Parka

The Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best entry into the fabled Star Wars series and was a pretty arduous shoot thanks to sub-zero temperatures in Norway where they filmed scenes for the ice planet Hoth. In fact, the cast and crew wore Wookie-warm official set jackets to stay functional onset. If you’ve ever wanted to own one, now’s your chance because Columbia’s bringing those Star Wars crew parkas back so you don’t have to slice open a Tauntaun to stay warm this winter.

These limited edition Star Wars Empire Crew Parkas are inspired by the original jackets of the cast and crew and feature ‘Omni-Heat’ thermal-reflective lining, a waterproof shell, 200g insulation, and a breathable shell. The jacket has the filming coordinates displayed in the lining, a “Darth Vader with flames” embroidered chest patch just like the original silhouette, and a customizable nameplate right on the chest pocket so you can truly make it your own. Around 2,000 examples will be available with 30 of them signed by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. If you’re looking to get one with Hamill’s autograph it will cost you $1,980. The jacket will be released on December 7 so make sure you jump to light-speed online once it drops.

Purchase: $500