Columbia Echo Base Star Wars Jackets

Star Wars was much more than just a series of sci-fi movies. It has inspired the advancements of several different industries – including fashion. In fact, as a celebration The Empire Strikes Back, the second film in the franchise, and a prime example of the series’ influence, Columbia has just released a trio of jackets they’re calling the Echo Base Collection.

Modeled after the ones the heroes wore while on the ice planet, Hoth, at the beginning of the film, these exceptional pieces of outerwear offer much more than just style. For instance, all three jackets feature a water-resistant construction and Omni-Heat reflective insulation lining the inside – to keep you dry and warm even in the harshest weather. They also each have their own individual features, like the jacket’s stowable hood and removable vest or the Parka’s faux-fur trimmed hood. There’s even a Leia-based version for the special lady in your life. These jackets limited to just 1,980 units each, so you’d better be ready to buy when they go on sale on December 8th. Prices start at $400 each.

Purchase: $400+