Colt S.P.E.A.R. Tactical Arrowheads

Colt, the American firearms manufacturer, is here to let us know that there’s more than one type of arrowhead that can prove useful. The Colt S.P.E.A.R Tactical Arrowheads are all-purpose tools that are intended for survivalists and outdoorsmen.

This set of arrows are all made from 440A stainless steel, and they’re coated in a non-glare black oxide substance. The set comes with five different types of arrowheads: a Sahara head, Clovis head, Frog Gig head, Kirk head and a Medieval head. Each arrowhead comes with holes for a landyard/lashing. Of course, they’re reusable and easy to clean. Their size and weight makes them¬†easy to carry, as the entire kit can just be thrown into a backpack. The set is available for $18. [Purchase]