Colorware Xbox Elite Controller

From the outset, the Xbox elite controller has been all about quality and customizing — it’s heavier than regular xbox controllers, it gives gamers free rein to remap buttons with their app, and to choose from 6 thumb-sticks, 4 paddles, and 2 D-pads. In addition to those features, the wireless controller comes complete with interchangeable paddles, hair-trigger locks, rubberized diamond grip, and a carrying case. So why not make the most customizable controller on the market even more unique?

Thanks to Colorware, you can now completely customize the look and feel of your elite controller by sending it in, or by buying one directly from their website. You can choose from solid or metallic colors, with either a Matte or gloss finish. You can send yours in for customization for $109, or purchase one new for $259. [Purchase]

Colorware Xbox Elite Controller 2