Colorware Retro MacBook

Give any style or cultural object ten, twenty, or thirty years to marinate, and it’ll come back in vogue. Sometimes these returns are unwelcome, like those weird jelly-shoes that were first popular in the 1990s, but other times they come back with a fresh face. ColorWare’s MacBook Retro, for instance, definitely satiates our own sense of nostalgia while managing to being something new to the table.

Just like the bevy of iPhones, desktop iMacs, mice, and keyboards, ColorWare has given this high powered laptop a look that calls to mind Apple’s old IIe computer, with all of its faded beige plastic and all. While the appeal of this laptop lies mostly in its retro styling, it is hard to deny that the multi-colored Apple symbol looks sharp enough to be put on products from today. If you want one of these old school Macs, be sure to act quickly – only ten are being made and they’re retailing for $3,000. [Purchase]

Retro MacBook by ColorWare 1

Retro MacBook by ColorWare 2

Retro MacBook by ColorWare 3