Colorware Retro AirPods

The Apple IIe was released way back in 1983 , predating the original Macintosh by a year, and is currently the longest-lived computer in the history of Apple, as it was manufactured and sold for over a decade. Colorware is paying their respects to that legendary machine with their new AirPods Retro colorway.

From the faux vents to the six-color rainbow logo that was used between 1977 and 1998, the ColorWare Limited Edition AirPods Retro feels vintage from head to toe, and even has a Pantone 453 matte finish. Colorware purchases the AirPods directly from Apple and precisely applies the custom paint job to both the AirPods and the charging case before repackaging them in the original Apple box. Unfortunately, they won’t take any AirPods that you currently own to apply the custom paint job. These are only available for a limited time, so snatch them while they’re up for grabs.

Purchase: $400