Colorware 27-inch iMac Retro

If you love the design the old Apple computers sported before their near ubiquity of the past decade but don’t want to compromise on the performance of your super fast desktop, then ColorWare’s retro 27-inch iMac might pique your interest.

After the success of their retro iPhone 6s and MacBook Air Retro, the guys at ColorWare figured they’d give a similar treatment to the iMac Retina 5k along with its corresponding keyboard and mouse. The computer has the colorful retro logo on the back along with illustrated air vents and a beige/vanilla color. The mouse and keyboard sport the same rainbow-inspired retro coloring. Only 25 of these are being made – and each will come engraved with a serial number. You can take a trip back in time for around $3,800. [Purchase]

Retro iMac 5k Retina Display 1

Retro iMac 5k Retina Display 2